Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stockton Not LA

So if you've stumbled upon this page it's most likely because you've seen the stickers around town or maybe seen the videos online? or maybe you're just lurking the world wide web... Well if you are here to stay I should introduce my self.  My name is Daniel Correa, I've been making music and somewhat of art (if that's what you want to call it) for plenty of years here in good old Stockton, CA.  I started This is Stockton Not LA as a joke with my friends ripping off This is Boston Not LA punk rock compilations form the 80's.  I thought it would be cool to start a small movement of talk and community between artist and bands under the name This is Stockton Not LA.  I released a handful of videos in '08-'10, and a few compilations, then grew tired of it and shelved it for a while.  Then I decided it would be cool to make some stickers and hand them out to a few friends. Little did I know it would grown more and more.  People ask me whats the point behind Stockton Not LA and I tell them I'm still not sure.  Id like to think its about bringing music and art together along with some rad videos of bands and a couple of my friends photography work but who knows.  I currently have some video ideas in pre production, and some merch ideas for tshirts and more stickers.  Id like to eventually release some music under stockton not la, but I'm going to take things slow for now.  Be sure to check back for updates and what I'm up to, hopefully I don't get bored and shelve the idea once again.